San Fernando Valley Change During Covid

I never grew up in the San Fernando Valley. I only began living out here due to college but in the past year I have seen the change since Covid has happened. With California State University Northridge moving to online learning it has been a lot more quieter. Less traffic on streets and not as many people in restaurants due the pandemic. Campus is much quieter as hardly anyone is on campus for any activities. Pre-Covid you would see students walking around, coffee shops crowded, restaurants filled with laughter and many more activities going on such as studying. Due to the pandemic many businesses are struggling due to the new laws that have prohibited indoor dining and the issue of not hanging out in big groups.

(3) COVID-19 “super” testing site opens in San Fernando Valley | ABC7 — YouTube

Prior to the pandemic Starbucks used to be crowded with people studying now there is no one there drinking or eating. The Starbucks on Reseda and Nordhoff was my study spot with my friends. Coffee was a must to get through midterms. As we struggled through our classes we studied together at that one because of the outdoor presence. Sitting outside drinking coffee studying as midterm season approaches. Being inside classrooms is hard especially for hours on end so when I am able to be outside and feel the breeze because fresh air is nice.

CSUN, Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA to nordhoff and reseda — Google Maps

One of my favorite businesses, Senor Sol, was closed for a while because of the lack of employees and it cost more to stay open due to the decrease in people ordering food. When I was in school Senor Sol was my friend and I hung out for food. We don’t really get good Mexican food out here in the Valley but they actually cooked their food well and although nothing compares to the Mexican restaurants in Boyle Heights they were good.

Restaurant Pre-Covid times

I want to know more about how the community is going to adjust when school is back in session. We have gotten used to more parking being available on the streets. The traffic is going to change and streets will be more crowded. Restaurants will be filled with more students.